Thursday, November 27, 2008

...Oh Men of Mildewed Minds...

"...Oh Men of Mildewed Minds..."
1.Mildewed Minds
2.Leather Twine
6.Coal MP3 stream

*35 Cd's, Wooden, twine hinged cases, with hand branded front and back covers. (Lung Oven #2.5), released January, 24th 2009 SOLD OUT
*96 Cassettes, multi-colored, miss printed, all 6 songs are on the A side and the B side is blank(Lung Oven #2), released January, 24th 2009 SOLD OUT. Both made for out North West Tour with Cower.

This is our first studio recording. Crisp and clear. Recorded by Joe at The Compound. Cassette photography by Edward S. Curtis."...oh men of mildewed minds..." is part of one of the few reasonable things Anton LaVey had to say.


Ross said...
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Ross said...

pity the cds sold out, i would really have liked one. got a timeline for the 7"?

Skull Collector said...

7" out this summer. along with a couple more records. and tapes.